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Dojo Helpers Plugin

Plugin no longer maintained

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This is a plugin that is design to assist in the usage of the dojo toolkit with your rails application. It is still very much in the works, so any recommendation are definitely welcome. It is designed to be used with Rails 2+ and Dojo 1.1. The full Dojo 1.1 library is included in the assets folder of the plugin. Check out the readme for more details on usage.


dojo_helpers_plugin (Download Removed)

View Helpers:

dojo_config(options = {})
dojo_include(options = {})
dojo_require(options = {})
dojo_stylesheet_link_tag(options = {})
inline_editor_field(object, method, dijit_options = {}, ajax_options = {}, tag_options = {})

Controller Methods:

inline_editor_for(object, attribute, options = {})

And still more is on the way

Please leave a comment if there are any features or improvements you would like to see.